We have come to realize that “Thankfulness” is the starting point of all worship.   Because of that our church body seeks to pursue, recognize, encourage and promote this thankfulness both individually and corporately.  This is the foundation for our worship time.  We enjoy a blended music approach where God partners with us to guide us toward a sense of thankfulness and a desire to know Him better.  Our worship time begins following our Sunday School time each week at 10:45am to about 12:00 Noon.

During this time we also have a time where we go over our current prayer list and ask the church to join us in praying for the people listed there.  Our church was founded in prayer and we still know and practice our faith in God both hearing and answering our prayer’s.  This has been proven over and over again through our life together and we know that our prayers also add to our sense of thankfulness.

Next we move into our study time where the Holy Spirit challenges us to learn, grow and live as the people God calls us to be.  Our style is very casual in both our dress and our interaction.  We encourage people to ask questions or add examples of how the subject applies to us all.  We believe it is the responsibility of each person to open their ears, their minds and their hearts to what the Holy Spirit has to say to them in that moment.  We believe that if one does this they will NEVER leave a service without having gained new insight and understanding of God and so of themselves.

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