M.Y. Higher Ground Educational Community Center

Faith bought this building in 2006 with the intent of creating a place to help the people of our community. After paying the building off in 2011 we began using our resources (Volunteer talent and money) to completely renovate the facility and fulfill God’s vision for it.  Our goal is really very simple; to provide a place where we could teach classes that the people of our community would find useful and helpful with “No Strings Attached”.  We will be putting in a computer lab, a full kitchen, classrooms and work areas.  We hope to be able to offer a variety of classes over time like these listed below.

  1. Computer use and operation
  2. Job search, application, resume and interview process
  3. General equivalency degree or GED classes
  4. Cooking classes
  5. Life skills:  Budget, finance, insurance, etc.
  6. Celebrate Recovery classes for learning to face addictions
  7. Any other classes we can think of or the community suggests

You may have noticed the M.Y. which is kind of a play on words.  The initials really do represent the word “My” but they also represent the initials of Michael Young one of our founding members who went to be with his Lord in February of 2009.  Michael was a great example of someone who had made bad decisions in his early life and who chose to turn to God and walk in His ways. He became a pillar of our church and of our community.  He was an inspiration to all of us here at Faith and proved that with God anyone can see their life change for the best.  We have eight more members who loved or would have loved what we are doing with “M.Y. Higher Ground” and whom are watching our progress now beside our Lord Jesus.  We dedicate this project to them and their example to us all as well.

  1. Marion Childers – 2005
  2. Don Kidd – 2007
  3. Pearline Nelson – 2008
  4. Lew Cook – 2010
  5. Bobby Yeager – 2012
  6. Pat Yeager – 2012
  7. Jim Boyce – 2015
  8. Jim Bell – 2020

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